[2015] Jessie Chen (Peterson Civics): Canadian Global Citizen: Craig Kielburger

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[2015] Jessie Chen (Peterson  Civics): Canadian Global Citizen: Craig Kielburger

Craig helping school girls with their education.

A good citizen is someone who is helpful and considerate and Craig demonstrates both of these traits and more throughout his work/journey. At the age of 12, Craig was already accomplishing goals by caring for the future of others who are less fortuante than him. He has started an organization with his brother that helps children out of poverty, and many other things. Not only did Craig put others before himself, he was determined to create a better future for humanity.

What "Free the Children" does

The beginning of "Free the Children".

Craig accepting the "Childrens Nobel Prize" Award.

Free the Children Logo

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Craig Kielburger is a Canadian that fights for the rights of children. He was born on December 17, 1982, and is most known for being the co-founder, along with his brother Mark, of the charity "Free the Children".

"Free the Children" is an international organization that emphasizes the need for children to be free and not suffer through child labour. This charity has helped children escape from poverty, exploitation, and from feeling like they don't have a voice. 45+ countries have been involved with "Free the Children". They have built 650+ schools, helped over 30 000 women with economic self-sufficiency, had 278 000 people attend We Day, provided $16,000,000+ worth of medical supplies around the world, helped 1 million people with clean water, health care, and sanitation, and helped over 2,300,000 children with their charity.

When Craig was 12, he read a news article about a 12-year old boy in Pakistan who was forced into child labour, and got murdered. He was upset by the news, and decided to do research on child labour. The next day, he made a speech about child labour to his class expressing his concern for this issue. He recruited 11 other students and formed the "Twelve-Twelve-Year-Olds" which later became "Free the Children".

Craig's Accomplisments:- the Nelson Mandela human rights award- the 2002 and 2012 World of Children award- World of Economic Forum Global Leaders of Tomorrow Award- Ontario Medal of Good Citizenship AwardThese are just to name a few.

Craig has an understanding of how the world worksEconomically: He has provided money by holding fundraisers to raise money for those who do not have enough fininacial support. He understands that many places such as Pakistan does not have a stable economy and needs donations. Environmentally: In 2012, East Africa suffered through a terrible drought. There wasn't enough water to go around and many people were dehydrated as a result. Craig used his powers through "Free the Children" and "Me to We" to help raise money for East Africa, especially the children. One thing he did was sell these jewllery pieces called Rafiki chains and each chain costs $10. With the $10, it proveded one person a YEAR of fresh water. Selling these chains at events such as "We Day" helped raised alot of money for clean water which was an environmental issue for East Africa.


Craig participates and contributes to the community locally and globally by hosting events such as "We Day" with his brother in Canada which is where he is from. He also travels across the globe to experience other people's lives and check out their community who doesn't have the benefits Canadians have, such as clean water, and finds ways to help them out. Craig doesn't only do things like advertise and sell things to help raise money, when he visits countries in need of help, he also does some hands on activities to help them out physically.

Craig created an organization that helps a diverse amount of individuals. He has travelled to different countries such as India, Pakistan, and has gone on trips to Kenya, India, Ecuador, Ghana, Nicaragua, the Arizona-Mexico border, and rural China to help prevent child labour and to motivate people to act on their issues. Thus, he respects and values diversity and everyone's equal rights.


The Ad for the Rafiki Chains.

We Day is a movement. It is an event where youths gather together to learn about how they could make a world a better place. At We Day, celebrities and motivational speakers come together to help explain the importance of the youth having a voice & inspiring them to speak up.

Demi Lovato and Craig at We Day.

Craig Kielburger

We Day event.

Questions we would ask Craig:1. What worries did you have when you first travelled to India at the age of 12?We would ask this because 12 is a very young age, and not alot of people at that age consider travelling to a far away country, espcially not to help youths close to their own age.2. What do you suggest developed countries such as Canada do to help the children who are in labour or poverty or both? Canadians are very fortunate, and has more than enough to live on. We would like to know if there are ways we can be apart of his contribution towards helping those who are less fortunate. 3. When you look back on accomplishments, how do you feel? We would like to ask that because for someone so young, he has already accomplished so much and it must be overwhelming for him. We would like to know how it feels to have contributed so much to the world.


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Canadian Global Citizen: Craig Kielburger

Craig at theReebok HumanRightsAwards atage 12.

By: Winky Cai and Jessie Chen

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