[2015] Tessa Conroy: Canadian Federal Government

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[2015] Tessa Conroy: Canadian Federal Government

Canadian Federal Government

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What is The Federal GovernmentThe Federal Government is in charge of the whole country and this person is called a Prime Minister. But one person can’t make decisions for the whole country so there are Members of Parliament to help make the decisions. He/she chooses MPs (Members of Parliament) and are Ministers to the Cabinet. There are many Ministers that are responsible for different things like citizenship or immigration. There is an election going on right now for a new prime minister. Their Responsibilities Some of the Federal government's responsibilities include employment insurance, courts and the armed forces.Employment InsuranceEmployment Insurance (EI) provides financial help to the Canadians who have lost their job. The Federal government will help them while they look for work or upgrade their skills.Canadians who are sick, or pregnant, or is taking care of a family member who is seriously ill with a risk of death may also be assisted by Employment Insurance.Armed ForcesCanadian Armed Forces members protect Canada by defending its beliefs, interests and the rules at home and in other countries. They support freedom, democracy, the law and human rights.Laws Courts in Canada help people solve argumants fairly. At the same time, courts make laws that affect all citizens of Canada.

Stephen Harper is the 22nd and current Prime Minister of Canada. He is also the Leader of the Conservative Party.

Tessa's Glog is about theFederal Government


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