Canadian Biased Anthem

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Canadian Biased Anthem

why care?i am sure many of you dont think that changing the anthem matters but we are living in a free country that is against rasism sexism and any form of descrimination. so if we dont change the anthem back to gender netural then we are puting in question everything we as country believe in

Canada's national anthem

"in all our sons command" is not right for women!

this video is about a group of people wanting to change the national anthem.

women matter to

we are not a mans county...

why there?prominent females across canada noticed the gender specific lyrics "in all our sons command"the didnt like this becuse it puts women second so they made other canadians aware of this issues this formed a group that is trying to change it back to the gender neutral

canada is a open country not a closed one!

we should change the natinal anthem back. it isnt right for women

what is?this artical is about changing the male biased lyrics on the canadian national anthem

where?this topic is being dicust throughout canada.

question #3i found this intresting because i do not think it is right to discrimintate the female position like we always have and so by changing back the national anthem to gender netral lyrics we reconize that we are a nation that is not sexist

question #7this did make me think differently about geography becuse when you think about how big a deal changing just a few words would a make to all of canada

question #8we can take a step forward by changing the anthem to show that we are open minded and suporting equal rights


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