Canada's totem Poles

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Canada's totem Poles

Totems poles were invented so as to symbolise a relationship between nature, spirit ancestors and human kin groups. The emblems also represented the clan's dignity, achievements, unity, stories, prestige and rights. Totem poles were popular with the indigenous people of North America and were carved from Red Cedar

Totem poles are typically carved from Thuja Pilcata more commonly known as the giant cedar.

Canada's Totem Poles

this is the making of a totem pole, it takes care and preciscon.

They have to peel the tree first, and then they can use the tree trunk to carve.

The Making of a Totem Pole

Watch this video to get started!

watch the making of a totem pole, and listen as he explains what everything means!

If you enjoyed that video, you can watch the second part by clicking here:Click here for second part!

This is the finished product, with many colors and animals

Raven - The mercurial trickster of Northwest Coast Native lore. Curious and mischievious, often misbehaving but never boring.Sea Turtle - This totem is representative of Mother Earth.Thunderbird - A mythological bird known to manifest the rolling of thunder while beating its wings and creating lightening when blinking it's eyes. Known to kill whales.Eagle - Intelligent and resourceful. He rules the sky and is able to transform himself into a human.Wolf - Very powerful totem who can help people that are sick or in need.Bear - A teacher symbol as it is believed that Bear taught the People to catch salmon and pick berries.Frog - Known for bringing wealth and is associated with Copper Woman. In another myth, frog was held down in fire, when it burst lava flowed and engulfed an entire village.Otter - The otter is a mischievous creature that is also a symbol of laughter, curiosity, grace, and empathy. Salmon - The salmon symbolizes instinct, persistence, and determination. Owl - The owl is a very respected animal and is thought to symbolize the souls of the departed. Killer Whale - Whales are honored as strong and brave fish. The mythology of the killer whale is that is will bring food and assistance to a chief or other important person lying helpless and/or wounded.

What do the different animals mean? Scroll down the box for different animals.

The three main steps in making a totem pole

This is a good link if you want to learn more about the meaning of the totem pole symbols:Totem Symbols

Totem poles have many animals... which do you see here?


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