Canada's Food

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Canada's Food

A French-Canadian favorite, tourtiere is a meat pie, usually filled with ground pork, beef, or veal

Canadian Bacon

This popular food, Poutine, originated from Quebec, is made of french fries covered with cheese and drizzled with a generous amount of gravy.

Maple Syrup Candy

Canada's Food

Beaver Tail is a piece of deep-fried dough, usually covered in cinnamon, butter, sugar, candy, and/or friuit

Canadians eat ketchup chips, which are basically what they sound like:ketchup flavored chips.

By Christie Bao

A Nanaimo bar is a thick, buttery block with grahm crackers covered with chocolate. This dessert originated from Nanaimo, which is a city in British Colunbia, canada.

Butter tarts originate from Ontario. They are faky pastry shells filled with sugary, buttery baked cream and raisins or nuts.

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