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Leona AglukkaqMinister of Environment

background informationAglukkaq was bron in Inuvik, Northwest territories,was named the minister of health on October,30 2008 , and is the first Inuvik in canadian history to be appointed to the cabinet of canada, on July 15,2013, Aglukkaq was named the Minister of the environment, first elected in the house of commons in 2008 and re-elected in 2011

district of Nattilik in the Nunavut

Political CareerBefore running as a MP, Aglukkaq served onthe Hamlet council of the cambridge bay, shewas also a Government of Nunavut public servant,working for the office of the clerk of the NunavutLegisalute as the deputy Minister of Culture,Languag,and Elders and youth. First elected to the legislative assembly of Nunavut representing the electoraldistrict of Nattlik in the 2004 Nunavut election,she stepped down on September 10,2008 to run inthe federal election.

Roles and DutiesAir,Climate change ,Enforcement, Science and Technology, Environmental Emergencies, Nature, Pollution and waste, Weather,Water, and Sustainable development.

How does this portfoilo contribute to the quality of life for CanadiansIt contributes to Canadians in the way of the outdoors, it deals with how Canada looks after there environment, they tell Canadians about the weather too. They help keep the Environment safe for both humans and wildlife, they also help out with the water in Canada and help make the environment a sustainable living condition.



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