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Canada West

If you don't feel safe where you're living now, then Canada West is definitely the perfect fit for you. We have formed the North West Mounted Police for your safety! The NWMP establish law and order, enforce prohibition, assist in the settlement process, and fight prairie fires, destitution and disease to make you feel safe and comforted! Our transcontinental railroad provides protection to all settlers in the West! How, you might ask? Well, that's easy! The railroad can qickly transport troops to areas that are being threatened so that we can keep you safe!

Important Creations-Transcontinental Railroad-NWMP-Farmland

Transcontinental RailwayAs I've mentioned before, our transcontinental railway plays a big role in safety, and transporation. This railroad makes it possible for settlers to move out West because it provides easier transportation to move all possessions! To recap:The transcontinental railroad quickly transports troops to areas that are being threatened for YOUR safety, it helps transport all goods to Eastern Canada to be sold for YOUR profit, and can also transport all of YOUR possessions when you move here, to Canada West!

Canada West

"Moving to Canada West was the best decision I've ever made"-Anybody who's ever moved to Canada West

Railway Farmland

If you're in need of some money, Canada West is the perfect place for you. Rupert's land, which is located in Canada West, can provide you with the rich farm soil you need to grow your crops! Also, our transcontinental railway makes it possible for your crops to be sold as it will carry your crops by train to Eastern Canada!

Attention Farmers!



1873 - NWMP was established1881- Railway started to be built1885- Railway was completed


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