Canada in the 1930s- The Great Depression

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Canada in the 1930s- The Great Depression

Relief camps were heaven and hell for unemployed sinlge men. These were camps that provided them with a bed to sleep on, clothes to keep them dry, and enough food to satisfy their stomachs. As good as it may sound, it still comes with a heavy price. The camp gave these men labour works. The tasks that they were given were unbearable. The salary that they recieved were insufficient and does not compensate to their harsh works. Something that also added to their suffering was thier disconnection and isolation from the society. For these men, these were the unending days of agony.

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Canada in the 1930's

The Great Depression

During the Great Depression, the federal government sanctioned the creation of a system of unemployment relief camps, where in exchange for room-and-board, single men did physically-demanding labour. The government was criticized for establishing the camps rather than addressing the need for reasonable work and wages.

Run by the Department of Defence, the camps were located in remote areas such as northern Ontario and interior B.C. The men cleared bush, built roads, planted trees, erected public buildings in return for room, board, medical care and 20 cents a day. They were paid one-tenth of what an employed labourer would make doing the same work.


Harsh Labour

The Great Depression


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