Canada in 1930's

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Canada in 1930's

"The Great Depression was the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn in the history of the Western industrialized world"( Despite the fact the Great Depression began in the United States it quickly spread to many countries, most importantly Canada. On Black Thursday the inevitable happend and the New York stock exchange collapsed taking down Canada's Toronto and Montreal stock exchanges. Banks in Canada invested clients and businesses money within the stock markets and lost it all when it crashed. Through the 1930's 9000 banks had closed down and offered no compensation for the lost money to its clients. Investors, people, and businesses lost all their savings and went into panic. Businesses closed down causing 1000's of people to lose their jobs and stay unemployed. To add to all the chaos that is already occuring, the country accompanied with the Praires were hit with a massive drought negatively effecting farm lands and putting many farmers out of business. Farmers had to move into the city and compete for new jobs to survive rarely aquiring any.When a worker in Canada lost their job they did not line up for unemployment benefits, they were forced to compete with other men for a job that wasn't gareneteed. The 1930's was a time of diprivation, harship, and uncertainty for many families. Canadian workers considered a dollar a day an acceptable wage this would barely provide for ends meat. As unemployment was on a substancial rise workers all over Canada reacted differently. Children had to leave school to shine shoes, sell newspapers, and children of age would work at Camps far away from home in B.C's interior and Northern Ontario. The Camps usually conisted of poor living conditions and 6 day weeks for 20 cents a day. Take a look at this video to see a primary resource of a Canadian living through the Great Depression. By the way, I am aware of the length of the video but I do believe its very informative and gives an authentic feel to what it was like during the Great Depression.The Great Depression had a major affect on Canada and shaped it's governement to what it is today. Due to the Great Depression Canada now has employment insurance, welfare, sick and child benefits for its citizens. The government of Canada and finiacial instituation now will be able to place measures to protect its citizen if a recession that size of the Great Depression begins to reoccur.

Canada in the 1930's aka the "Dirty Thirtys"

Life in the Great Depression

How did the Great Depression start?

What was it like living in Canada through the 1930's?

How did the Great Depression effect Canada today?

The drought was dubbed the "Dusk Bowl" in Canada and often forced farmers to find new work

100's of farmers had to move into the cities after the drought to find work


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