Canada Imigration

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World War I

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Canada Imigration


- 352 of immigrants denied by Canada on May 23, 1914- 352 of immigrants pushed to leave on July 23, 1914- Plaque reminds Canadians ban to have discriminations to immigrants

- Chinese immigrants in Canada had to pay $ 500 Head Tax in 1915- Waged problem (internal conflict against potential subversives)foreign immigrants by federal government during the war time- Registered 80 000 enemy aliens in totalduring the war

Canadian government not allowed Sikhs land in Canada- Vancouvermayor insisted Sikhs immigrants back to their country- Sikhsreturned to their country reluctantly at the end - WWI made Canadians dislike Germany and afraid about them- 19Canadians asked expel “aliens”, but the government refused- Canadians worried about German immigrants cause ‘betray’ problem for their native land- Some companies fired German-Canadians, but some not- Unemployment for “aliens” may cause uprising- Hired laborers from ‘aliens ’camp, but low wages paid for them- WWI changed Canada’s perspective on immigrants

Not welcome large number of immigrants to Canada because of unemployment- Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Ukraine limited immigrant by Canada- Federalgovernment created new decisions to keep out immigrants who not allow live in Canada- Canada not allowed Doukhobers, Hutterites and Mennonitesentryimmigrate to their land, because of their special religions in 1922-1923

Canadian government welcome British immigration during wartime- Immigration decreased to 36,665 in 1915 in Canada- Immigration rose up to55,914 following year in Canada- Immigration keep increased to 72,910 in 1917 in Canada- Immigration Skidded to 41,845 in 1918 in Canada- Immigration soared to 107,698 in 1915 Canada- Canadian government regarded Hungarians, Czechs, Romanians, Poles, and Ukrainians as a problem, although they lived in Canada for a long time and developed Canadian economy- Post-war cause immigration renewal in Canada- Cannot touch the immigration level of pre-war until 1950’s - Because of variety negative reasons, Canadians disliked immigrants to Canada in the early post-war period




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