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Social Studies

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"Home of the Beaver"

Places:Some well known places in Canada are the Rocky Mountains, Canadian Shield, and Niagera Falls. #1 The Rocky Mountains are a large mountain range that runs through British Columbia. and Alberta, Canada. #2 Niagera falls is located on the Niagera river in Onterio. Niagera Falls gives off hydrogen power. #3 The Candian Shield is swamps and lakes. The Canadian shield is located by the Hudson Bay.

Location:The location of Canada is North of the U.S

Regions Canada's regions are the Eastern Provencises, and the Heartlands. The #1 Eastern Provinces is located on the Atlantic coast, the provences of Eastern provinces are New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward island. Most of Eatern provencesare related to forestry and fishing industries. #2 The heartland's provinces are Qubec and Ontario. This region is known for it's grand government building parks, and several universities

MovementTwo trade routes are the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and the Panama Canal . #1 The Canadian pacific railroad is a train that transports fur from British Columbia to Qubec, Canada. #2 The Panama Canal is a ship that transports goods on sea. The largest growing providence in Canada is Alberta, Canada. Many people are moving there because Alberta has a strong economy.

Human Enviroment InteractionHumans are interacting with the enviroment by fishing. In the Grand Banks you are alowed to fish but you can only catch so many fish because there is limited fish because of all the fishing we have done. I think that this is a bad change because if people keep on fishing there will be no more fish.


By: Karis Kloster




Human Enviroment intoraction.


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