Canada 1985-2000

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Canada 1985-2000

Canada 1985 - 2000

Brian Mulroney1985 - 1992

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- Became Canada's PM in Sept. 1984- Worked closely with US President Ronald Reagan; both shared similar philosphy- Dismantled FIRA, replaced it with Investment Canada- 1992: Mulroney gov't signed NAFTA, included free trade with Mexico


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Jean Chretien1993 - 2003

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> Focused on Globalization- Prioritized Canada's trading opportunities with other countries- Organized "Team Canada" trade missions to Asia & Latin America- Joined Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Group

Canada in International Affairs

Canada participated by sending fighter bombers, Canadian troops, and ships from the navy* Supported NATO

Gulf War (1991)

Somalia (1992)

Canadian forces joined those from other countries in distributing food and other supplies to the local population in the UN’s “Operation Restore Hope”

Canadian Major Romeo Dallaire (left) lead UN mission to Rwanda to halt ethnic killings, but UN did not provide support until after the genocide

Rwanda (1994)

Yugoslavia (1999)

Canada involved in the final push to end the conflict by participating in NATO's bombings in the Serbian-Albanian conflict


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