Cna Zonkeys Reproduce?

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Cna Zonkeys Reproduce?

Can Zonkeys Reproduce?

Darwin described a hybrid donkey/zebra hybrid specimen in the British Museum as having spotted sides. He also mentioned a "triple hybrid, from a bay mare (a horse), the kid of a male donkey and female zebra. This would mean the kid would be able to reproduce.

LIke mules (a donkey/horse hybrid), they are generally unable to reproduce, due to an odd number of chromosomes disprupting meiosis. A process in wich cromosomes mix together and two cells split to create gamete cells (mature egg/sperm cell).

Hybrids cannot reproduce because of an uneven pairing of chromosomes during the formation of a reproductive cell. This usually occurs if the chromosomes are different shapes and sizes which are characteristics of hybrids. The cell wil not be able to divide, or perform mitosis, making them unable to reproduce.

The Answer: most of the time, hybrid animals cannot reproduce, but in rare cases, some can

Two okapis (a zebra/giraffe hybrid);one adult, and one baby

Ippo the zonkey (front) and his donkey dad (back) stand next to eachother

A lone zonkey dips his head to take a munch of his food



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