Can babies pop off parents side?

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Can babies pop off parents side?

Plants are made up of cells and tissues that carry within them the ability to regenerate the entire plant structure known as totipotency, which ensures offspring completely identical to the parent. This means any part of the plant; leaves, stems, buds or roots are capable of reproducing a new individual plant under suitable conditions. This method of reproducing is known as asexual reproduction

In asexual reproduction, one individual produces offspring that are genetically identical to itself. These offspring are produced by mitosis . There are many invertebrates, including sea stars and sea anemones for example, that produce by asexual reproduction.

An adult Hydra will develop a swelling on the side of its body. This will grow into a daughter bud. Eventually this daughter will grow tentacles and start to feed itself by catching small water animals. At this point it breaks off from the mother Hydra and floats freely until it lands on a support.

Can babies pop off of parents sides?

The most common example of asexual reproduction are stems.Straberries, spiders and plants are examples of a sexual reproduction.


Yes they can!

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