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Social Studies
Jewish History

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The Camps


The purpose of these extermination camps was mass murder. The soldiers wanted to kill thousand of Jews at a time, to cover any evidence. At concentration camps, Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, etc; were used as test subjects. They would be used to test vaccines.Many people at labor camps ended up dying becuase of being overworked.

There were five types of camps: concentration, forced labor, transit, prisoner-of-war and extermination . The extermination camps were placed in Poland and Germany during late 1942. They were Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Belzec , Sobibór, Lublin , and Chelmno.

Reason for Camps

The SA,Sturmabteilungen; SS, Schutzstaffel; and police officials originally ran the camps. In 1934, the SS and SA seperated from one another. Later on in the year, December 1934, the SS became the only officials to run the concentration camps.

The gas chambers were ran by the SS. It was a type of mass murder.Hundreds of prisoners were killed within minutes of going into the gas cahmbers. The gas chamber cantaied a gas called Zyklon B. Before going into the chambers, the prisoners were undressed. They were told that it was a bathe. After everyone was dead, they dragged their bodies into large holes and burned them. With the prisoners ashes, the used it for: landfill or just left it in a river.

The prisoners of the camps recieved three meals a day. Although they were fed three times a day, they barely got enough calories in their systems to function. Many of the calories that they were fed were burned off while working. From starvation and grueling labor hous, many of the prisoners started to die off.

Types of Camps



Who ran the camps

Food at the Camps

Gas Chambers


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