Campaign for Peace in Vietnam

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Campaign for Peace in Vietnam

"The sole condition for membership of the campaign is willingness to join"

The CPV formed on July 1967

Formed by 50 prominent opposers of the war, the Campaign for Peace in Vietnam was one of the most well-known and successful anti-Vietnam organisations in South Australia. It was an active and well-organised group which was widely supported by the general public and academic commuities. Their success involves a membership of almost 2,500, a regular income of about $1,000 a month, and a remarkable amount of media publicity.

The CPV’s objectives were:1. To work towards the end of Australian military involvement in Vietnam. 2. To work towards an end to general hostilities in Vietnam.”


Campaign for Peace in Vietnam


- creating proposals for peace in Vietnam- campaigned vigorously against conscription- thousands joined protest marches in Adelaide in May and September 1970- opposed to involvement in the Vietnam War - objected to the use of conscripts there


The leading figures of the movement were Professors Brian Medlin (chairman) and Greg Harcourt (vice chairman), Derek Healey (secretary/treasurer), Dr. Neal Blewett and Derek and Sylvia Du. Many of the participants/ supporters of this group included:- Universities - middle class intellectual elements

Who was involved?

The following is a written source in the form of a leaflet. The source represents a proposal created by the CVP, in aims to receive peace in Vietnam. It outlines the grave consequences that associate with Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War.


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