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Camille Rose Garcia

Recently, she illustrated a version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. She realized while reading the story for the second time that many of the point in the story are darker than they seem; therefore, she tried to show the darker side in the artwork.

Camille Rose Garcia is a Los Angeles based pop surealist.

She produces paintings, prints, and sculptures in what some would say is a "creepy" cartoon style.

Camille Rose Garcia

Much of Garcia's work explores the lie of the American Dream, the loss of it, and how the masses are self-medicating to deal with the aftermath. Though these themes are adult in nature, the on-the-surface beauty of Garcia's art appeals to a younger audience on a more basic level.

She was born in 1970 (about 40 years old) and most of her inspiration is from visiting Disneyland and going to punk shows with the other dissenchanted youth of that era.




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