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Camille Pissarro

Camille Pisarro

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Self portrit of Camille Pisarro

Gathering Herbs

Rue Saint Lazare

Sunset, Rouen

A Corner of the Garden at the Hermitage, Pontoise

Bolevard-Mont Martre; Night Effect

Mid Career:- He was active in postimpresionista circles- He moved to venezuela with Fritz Melbye but eventually moved back to paris in 1855- he fell in with a group of artist whose art was nontraditional and was not accepted by the official salon galleries- He liked to work out in the open air instead of a studio- They moved to England during the Franco-Prussian war and moved back when it was over to find most of his work was destroyed - A group of 15 artist including him had a goal of offering an alternative to the salon - A year later they had their 1st exhibit at which their paintings shocked critics and impressionism was defined as an artistic movement

Early Life:- Moved to Paris at 12 years old from the west Indies to attend boarding school - He initially pursued a career in business but did art in his free time- Gustave Courbet is sometimes considered Pissarro's earliest influence

Later Years:- As he got older he moved away from impressionism and helped lead to the decline of it - In his later years he suffered from a eye condition which kept him from working outside most of the year so he would paint while looking out the window


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