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Camille Pissarro Biography

When Pissarro turned twenty-one, Danish artist Fritz Melbye inspired Pissarro to take on painting as a full-time profession, becoming his teacher and friend. Pissarro then chose to leave his family and live in Venezuela, where he and Melbye spent the next two years working as artists in Caracas. He drew everything he could, including landscapes, village scenes, and numerous sketches. In 1855 he moved back to Paris where he began working as assistant to Anton Melbye, Fritz Melbye's brother. In his older age, Pissarro suffered from a recurring eye infection that prevented him from working outdoors unless it was in warm weather. As a result, he began painting outdoor scenes while sitting by the window of hotel rooms. He often chose hotel rooms on higher levels to get a better view. He moved around northern France and painted from hotels in Rouen, Paris.Pissarro died in Paris on november 13, 1903 and was buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery.


1830 born1863 his paintings was rejected by the Salon1870moved his family to Norwood1871married1890visited England1903died

Matinée de PrintempsRainy WeatherEragny drypoint and aquatintBoulevard Montmartre la nuit Orchard in BloomLandscape at PontoiseEntrée du village de Voisins

Boulevard Montmartre la nuit

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