[2015] Camille Periquet: Camille Periquet Explorer report

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[2015] Camille Periquet: Camille Periquet Explorer report

JuanRodriguezCabrillo By: Camille Periquet#21

On March 13,1499, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was born in Montalegre, Portugal.

1510 Rodriguez traveled to New World.

1520-1521 Juan Rodriguez joins Cortes's army in a conquest against the Aztecs in the city of Tenochtitlan.

1542, Rodriguez's expedition sets out in Navidad, New Spain and sails up the coast of Mexico. They sailed into the bay and named it San Miguel. They explored islands and met Chumash Indians.

Intresting Facts- Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo lived to be 43 yrs. old.- He is also known as the "discoverer" of California.- Cabrillo was the first European explorer to navigate the coast of California in to the United States.- His discovery was important because he was the fisrt to do something.- Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's name used to just be Juan Rodriguez until he decided to add Cabrillo and no one really knows why.

On January 3, 1543, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sadly passed away in San Miguel Island, Ventuta, CA. There, Cabrillo splintered his shin when he stumbled onto a jagged rock while trying to rescue some of his men from attacking Tongva warriors. The injury became infected and developed gangrene.

Cabrillo's map of routes

1527 Juan Rodriguez moved to Santiago.



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