Camila´s Culture Project

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Camila´s Culture Project

Camila's Family Culture

One of the Holiday we celebrate is the Day Of The Dead. We make sugar skull and remember and honor the people who have past away. There also Gigantic kite with desighns on them. Another Holiday is Independence day. The kids play and we celebrate the day we got Guatemala.

We make Guatemalan Tamales those are made out of dough andusaully made out of chicken. We also make ponche which is juice with other fruits. And and other things like Frijoles which is just balck beans we eat with tortillas and rice. We also make platonos wich are like fried bananas.

I am Lutheran. I celebrate advent and count down till' christmas. And we got to church every Sunday. We have a christmas play every year. One of our symbals is the cross.


Holidays & Traditions


Guatemala 101

My family Immigrated from Guatemala. My Mom was the first to come followed by my family. She got there by Car and plane.

Guatemala was founded by the Native Americans called the Mayans and also founded by spain which is why some people speak spanish differently there.Guatemala is in Central America. We speak spanish in guatemala. We wear clothing that have different colors that we dye out of food and weave the.



My favorite place

My favorite place is one of the Zoos. I like it because they have exotic animals. My favorite animals where the hippo like tapir, The apple stealing otter, and the annoying parrot that say caw hi every time you pass it.


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