cambrian elliptocephala

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Environmental Studies

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cambrian elliptocephala

Me and my fellow trilobites lived in a wet environment because most of Earth was covered up by water when i was alive. At the time, landmasses were colliding together to form the continents. New York was near the equator during this time, it was very warm.Then shortly after that only about 310 million years later the continents smashed together to form Pangea.

My Living Environment

Cambrian Elliptocephala

New Yorks Position

Works Cited

New York was positioned near the equator so the climate was very warm and unlike your climate today. The Iapetus Ocean was the trilobite hangout in the Cambrian period

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My Everyday Life

Everyday I would swim in the ocean and search for plankton, barnacles, and worms for me and my trilobite friends to eat. The water was very warm because we swam in the Iapetus Ocean wich was near the equator.

New York



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