Cambodian Genocide

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Cambodian Genocide

The Cambodian Genocide was a hasty attempt by Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot to cleanse Cambodia of everyone that did not conform to his dream of nationalizing the peasant farming population. The victims included but were not limited to, the educated, the wealthy, intllectuals, professionals, religious leaders, and esentially anyone that opposed Pol Pot's new society. Pol Pot and his followers massacred about 1.7 million people (about 25% of the population), and used concentration camps, starvation, and torture to reach the staggering number of deaths. Vietnam invaded in 1978 and overthrew Pot Pol and his failed attempt at a government.

Acts of Violence


Perpetrators trials (2007-2010)


Various methods were used to exterminate the "unfit" Cambodian citizens. Thousands were placed in concentration camps and died from starvation and disease as well as the cruelty of their guards. Mostly, people were massacred in the streets and were tortured in inhumane ways along with frequent bombings and forced labor.

Lasting Impact

The Vietnamese government "rescued" Cambodia when they overthrew Pol Pot's regime but recieved very little relief due to the animosity surrounding Communism. It is determined that 3,314,768 people lost their lives and mass graves were found scattered around the country. Trials against the perpetators were not held until 2007 and ended in 2010 but overall, very little reconciliation came following the horrors of the Cambodian Genocide.

The Cambodian Genocide

Survivor testimony



Pol Pot-leader of the Khmer Rogue Party and Perpetrator of the Cambodian Genocide


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