Cambodian Genocide

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Cambodian Genocide

- forced to evacuate from their homes, owns and villages- sent to labour camps, if weren't able to work or opposed the KR idealogies were executed on the spot- those able to work died eventually from starvation, since they were unfed and unpaid for long hours of work- families were seperated as well

4. Organization

- Families were seperated into different parts of Cambodia so they couldnt communicate and try to escape - Religion, money, business', and rights were forbidden - They killed people with glasses so that the smart people were dead to think of ways of escaping

5. Polarization

- Blue scarves were worn at all times in case someone tried to escape they would know- Sent to camps called "Pol Pot killing fields"- In the killing fields, citizens work long hours without being fed and suffer from diseases where they are left to die

6. Preparation

8. Denial

- Many citizens denied that the genocide even happend- They thought of Pol Pot as a revolutionary leader- Little to nothing is done to the murderers of the genocide

- Killing fields and the camps were the mass graves of many who were killed in the genocide- Many were executed for their race or religion - They were successful with this genocide since there was a war going on and many failed to recognize what was really going on

7. Extermination

- Cambodia is now a democracy under a constitutional monarchy- In 2001, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) in response to the Khmer Rouge's acts in the genocide- We can educate ourselves more about genocides to understand what has actually happened to those who were victimized

What is happening now? & What can we do to help?


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