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Social Studies

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Climate:Cambodia has 4 seasons, Novemeber- February is cool and dry, March - May is hot and dry, June - August is Hot and wet and September - October is cool and wet. Cambodia's tempture's range from 20 c to 35c. It rains for 1-3 hours in the afternoon daily. The dry season is dusty and in the wet season the grass becomes very green and the crops grow quickly.Transport:Most Cambodians travle around the city by tuk-tuk, bicycle, motorbikes or motorbike taxi's. There are no cars in Cambodia has no cars because it is so poor.

Climate and Transport


Cambodia used to be called the King dom of Cambodia. The area of Cambodia is 181,040sq km. The population of Cambodia is 13.5 people. The captail of Cambodia is Phnom Penh, it is also one of two only large city. The other large city is Seim Reap , it is the tourist captial of Cambodia, but Seim Reap is one of the poorer places in Cambodia.The life expentacy at birth for a women 61 years old and for a man it is 55 years old. 95% of Cambodians follow the religions of Therauada and buddist and the other 5% follow other religions. Money:Reil is what Cambodians call money, $1 US dollar =4000 reil. One thrid of the country lives on less than 4000 reil a week..

Language:Cambodians speak a languade called knmher, and it has it's own alphabet. Knmher is written left to right but there is no gaps in between the words.Knmher is very differnt to english. There are 100 differnt words for rice, also the men and woman have differnt words for yes. The mens yes is bat (bah) and the womans yes is jas (jahs). School:At school canbodian children learn to read and write Knmer but hey also learn engilsh. Not all young Cambodians go to school as it is a very poor country.Clothes:Cambodians clothes are light and cool. Cambodians wear clothes like skirts and pants. On top they wear shirts. Buddhist monks wear bright orange robes and they shave there hair.Food:Cambodians eat with chopsticks like many other asian counties. Cambodians eat lots of rice and fish. Lime-marinated Khmer beef salad is one very yummy food in Cambodia.House:Most Cambodians live in country a house built on high pillars above the ground. The roof is made of palm tree leaves. This style of house keeps them dry from flooding. Cambodians that live in the city live in small flats.

Culture and Housing

Moonsoons:Moonsoons are very, very strong winds that bring on very, very heavy rain that can last from four to five months at a time. The avarage annual rainfall in Cambodia is 1400mm.Landmarks:AngkorWat is one of the biggest landmarks in Cambodia, it is a 900 year old temple. It is made out of sandstone blocks that fit perfectly together.Tonle' Sap lake is quite famous too. It is a huge lake in the middle of cambodia and is filled with fish. Many workers fish in this lake for the fish, so this lake is very inportant for the people of Cambodia.

Monsoons and Landmarks

Food and Island hopping


Lime-marinated Khmer beef salad

Where is Cambodia?



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