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Cambodia's neighboring countries are:Laos, Thailand, Vietnam

Women in particular do not have equal access to education, paid employment, or land ownership. Also, maternal health services in Cambodia are inadequate or non-existent.

Why are they poor?Isolated communities far from basic services lack resources and education, as well as limited employment opportunities.

The poverty rates are highest in upland areas. The poorest people live close to the borders of Laos and Thailand.

The Poor: Subsitence farmers, members of fishing communities, landless people, youth and elderly, mine victims, internally displaced people, tribal people, and women

Of Cambodia's nearly 15 million people, 4.8 million are impoverished, with 90% residing in rural areas.

A fast-growing population, poor infrastructure, and poor health patterns perpetuate poverty.

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Another factor of poverty was the Cambodian genocide led by Khmer Rouge. 25% of the population was killed, while countless others were uprooted from urban to rural areas.


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