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Social Studies

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-King: Norodom Sihamoni-Prime Minister: Hun Sen

Major Geogrpahical Features: - The great lake of Tonle Sap in the north-west- Cardoman Mountains in the west of the country.- Lower Mekong River that runs from north-east to south-east of the country


By: Aiba Malek

-Absolute location: 11 degress 33' N, 104 degress 55' E. (Phnom Penh)-Relative Location: Positioned in Southeast Asia. Bordered by the Gulf of Thailand and the countries of Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.

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Economics:~Major Exports- unused postage, stamps, sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts, women's suits, men's suits, and women's suits, not knit. ~Major Inports: Gold, knit or crochet fabric, petroleum oils, refined, floating or underwater things, and other woven fabrics of synthetic staple fibers.~Major trade partners [exports]: US, Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, and UK.~Major trade partners [inports]: Singapore, China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

The map of Cambodia

Government: Unitary State, Parliamentry system, and Constitutional monarchy.

National Anthem

References~-Garrison, Joe (2013). Cambodia: Facts (1st ed, Vol. 20.2, p.1) Cambodia, Phnom Penh; unknown-Inserey, Khut (2013). Cambodia's Economic Opportunity. (1st ed, Vol. 2, p.1)- Bergin, Sean (2009). The Khmer and the Cambodian Genocide. New York, NY; unknown

Weather:- Dry seasons runs through from November to April after the northeast monsoons. After monsoons in Cambodia, the country dries pretty quickly. November-January are quite coo,l but when it's February-April it will be hot and dusty.- Wet seasons runs through from May-October, with various times of monsoons from the southwest. July-September are the wettest months.


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