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Calm course

Career Choices

Final ReflectionBy Teagan Roesler

This Calm course helped me alot with helping to figure out what i want to do with my future. I was never sure what i wanted to do but Calm gave me good ideas. There are so many options i didnt know about until i took Calm. I will now be sure to pick a career that i love and am passionate about, Not just for the money.

Calm has helped with my wellness in that i have learned alot about myself through this process. It has taught me about nutrition, health, mental wellness, sleep, and how to stay balanced throughout it all. Personal wellness should be a top priorty in my life

Calm has taught me who I am and to value myself and stand up for what i believe in. I have also learned the essentials in life like how to handle my own banking and to be smart with my credit cards. Calm also made me realize that i am not ready to live on my own yet. It is very expensive and that is okay. I found the interview assistance to be very helpful as well.

My Wellness


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