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Computer Science

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Warschauer's Analysis *Structural / Behavioristic CALL 60s - 70s*Communicative / Cognitive CALL 80s -90s*Integrative / Sociocognitive / Socioconstructive CALL 90s -present A) Multimedia CALL B) Web-based CALLBax's Analysis *Restricted CALL*Open CALL*Integrated CALL

Computer Assisted Language Learning

Behaviouristic CALL•A computer is used as a tutor, presenting material and feedback on an individualized basis, allowing students to proceed at their own pace and freeing up class time for other activities.Communicative CALL•focuses more on using forms rather than on the forms themselves•Grammar is taught implicitly rather than explicitly.Integrative CALL•Two types: •Multimedia CALL (CD-ROMs) •Web-based CALL (on the Internet)

It is any process in which a learner uses a computer and, as a result, improves his or her language.CALL has come to encompass issues of materials design, technologies, pedagogical theories and modes of instruction.

What is CALL??

The development of CALL – from the pedagogical perspective

•Computers can store, access and analyze more data than books, creating a technology enabled exciting learning environment.•Provide immediate feedback


•The computer is a means of communication between a programmer, and author, and a user. •The author is an expert in the subject and the programmer is mostly a technician.


What is CMC??

RESTRICTED CALL-Closed drills- QuizzesOPEN CALL- Simulations- Games- CMCINTEGRATED CALL- CMC- Web-based programs


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