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Chemical Elements

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CaliforniumSymbol: CF (98) MASS- (251)

HISTORYCalifornium, the sixth transuranium element to be discovered, was produced by Thompson, Street, Ghioirso, and Seaborg in 1950 by bombarding microgram quantities of 242Cm with 35 MeV helium ions in the Berkeley 60-inch cyclotron.Californium (III) is the only ion stable in aqueous solutions, all attempts to reduce or oxidize californium (III) having failed.Read more:

CHEMICAL PROPERTIESCalifornium is a radioactive metal which is a member of the actinide group of the periodic table. A sample of the metal itself has not been produced yet because its compounds resist reduction. It is expected to be readily attacked by air, steam and acids and not by alkalis.Read more:

PHYSICAL PROPERTIESCalifornium is the only ion stable in fluid solutions, all attempts to reduce or oxidize californium has failed. Read more:

Personal Background My superhero is called CaliforniaRadiocativeMan, he is a cool surfer dude from the state of California. He never gets old and forever is 23 years old! He likes to have a lot of fun and is only able to be viewed surfing in the waters off the coast of California. It is hard to catch up to him, because he surfs the waves quite fast just as if he is going with the wind! His superhero powers is radioactivity, so if you get too close to him he can burn your skin with the heat he radiates and cause all types of cancer if he thinks you are his enemy. CaliforniaRadioactiveMan discovers his powers in his mother’s womb when still in the amniotic sac.


Atomic Structure


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