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Social Studies

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State BirdCalifornia Quail

State AnimalCalifornia Grizzly Bear

State FlowerPoppy

Big SurCalifornia Coastline

California Beach

State TreeCalifornia Redwood

CALIFORNIA ECONOMYCalifornia has the largest economy of all 50 states. Agriculture, manufacturing, trade and business and technology are big parts of how money is made in California. If California was its own country it would rank 11th in the world for its economy. California grows half of all the fruits and vegetables in the USA. The largest agricultural products made in California are milk, cream, grapes and almonds

CALIFORNIA CULTURECalifornia has many different cultures and is the number one state for population in the US. (38 million people) Many different languages are spoken here (english, spanish, chinese and more) Lots of people from around the world live in California, all bring some of their own culture and traditions to California

CALIFORNIA LANDFORMSThe 3rd largest state in the US has everything. It has mountains, deserts, coastline and farmland. California has the tallest, oldest and largest trees in the USA. The highest point in the US is Mt. Whitney 14,505ft and the lowest point is Death Valley, -282 ft, both in California


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