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Social Studies

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A great place in california to visit is Disneyland. It was first oppened on july 17, 1955. Of all the Disneys this is the only one to be built under the supervision of Walt Disney himself. there is 7 amazing parks for you to visit

The Hollywood walk of fame is a place in california where there are more then 2,500 stars with the names of musicians and actors


CaliforniaThe Golden State

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California State Capital: Sacramento

California State Flower: Eschscholzia Californica

California state symbol

California State Tree: California Redwood

Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park in L.A.

The carver twins (Charlie and Max) are from San Fransisco CA. They are actors and are most known for their roles on desprate house wives, and Teen Wolf.

Tyler Posey

Major Bodies Of Water:Lake Tahoe, the Gulf of California, the Sacramento River, the San Joaquin River, Salton Sea, Clear Lake and Lake Shasta.

Carver Twins

Tyler Posey is an actor from Santa Monica CA and is most known for his role on the popular show Teen Wolf as the main character Scott McCall

College In California:Stanford University

Fun Facts: In Blythe You can't wear cowboy boots unless you own 2 cows.California is the only state that has hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

California State Bird: California Quail

California:Population: 38.8 MillionStatehood: 9/9/1850

California state song: I Love You, California

California Tourism


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