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California Trail




The California TrailBy:Thomas Lim

1. The California Trail was 2,000m long.2 The journey was between 3 to 6 months long.3. A typical wagon would travel 10-20 miles per day, depending on weather and terrain.4. Some wagon trains didn't travel on Sunday, some did.5. The first group to travel to California as a wagon train was the Bidwell- Bartleson group in 1841.

Some like myself, leaving a comfortable home, a loving wife and family for the sole purpose of placing them in easier circumstances. Others again for the mere sake of fun and frolic, none however with any very extravagant hopes, a jolly crew of devil-may-care fellows, men whom I have known for years, and who can be depended upon in a pinch, well provisioned, armed, and equipped, ready for anything.

Trail Facts

Journal excerpt by pioneer,John McTurk Gibson

Source of journal excerpt from John McTurk Gibson:

• Accidents• Disease• Exhaustion • Death•Attacks•.etc

Problems & Challenges:


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