California Tiger Salamander

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California Tiger Salamander

Scientific Name:Ambystoma Tigrinum Californiense

Cool facts: They can live 10-16 years in the wild. Conversation status is vulnerable.

Adaptations: It has gills to swima nd run away from predators. It also has a cupped mouth to capture their food.

Habitat:They live in the region of california in small, isolated ponds called vernal pools. They are usually in the country side or in, or near, forests.

Diet:Their diet is consisted mainly of invertebrate. Hatchlings feed on zooplankton and older larvae feed on tadpoles and other aquatic invertebrate.

Breeding: Will not breed att all if rain is low, female nudges male to stimulate deposit of spermaphores(sperm packets). They mate from December to Feburary.

Environmental Effects: Little/no rain means no reproduction, heavy rain means good reproduction.

Habitat Destruction:They live in grasslands and near santa Brabara central California.

Body description: It's broad, rounded snout, adult males 20 cm, females 17 cm, white yellow bars on body, wide mouth, stomach white, pale yellow, black, brown protruding eyes, black iris, stocky.

California Tiger Salamanders

Video from: California Tiger Salamander Larvae tries to catch tadpoles to eat.

Predators/enemies: Predator/enemies are egrets, heron, fish and bullfrogs.


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