California Mountains

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California Mountains


Fold Mountains:CA fold mountains are formed when two forces squeeze and crumple against each other. For example, the Pacific and North American Plates pushed up the the Coast Ranges. In result, the King and Santa Cruz Mountains were formed.

California Mountains-Kristin Gascon #16 P.1

Volcanic Mountains: CA volcanic Mountains are formed when multiple smaller tectonic plates are subducted beneath the North American Plate. The Cascade Range is a chain of volcanoes, which includes Mount Shasta and Lassen Peak.

Mount Shasta

CA mountains can be found on the North American Plate and on the Pacific Plate because the movements of these plates shaped the mountins. These mountains help create the climate and appearance that people enjoy.

Fault-block Mountains:CA fault-block mountains incllude the Sierra Nevada chain. These mountains are made up of blocks of granite. The mountains for westward from a fault. This fault runs along the eastern edge.

Dome Mountains: An example of a dome mountain is the Half Dome in California. Since it is made out of granite, it isn't as easy to erode. The sedimentary rock were washed away, leaving the granite.

Lassen Peak- volcanic mountain in Cascade Range

Mount Whitney- fault-block mountain in the Sierra Nevada chain



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