California Gold Rush

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California Gold Rush

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In california Gold rush many people came and then the 49ers.

California Gold Rush

In California in the national park there was gold but no one knew there was gold until the secret was found and the rush is on.

Many people went there to be rich there was mexicans japanese people and utah people.

In california Gold Rush the timeline on January24,1830.

The gold came to california because when volcanos eruppted in islands from Utah and Arizona

On the gold rush the almost every piece of gold was 750,000 of pounds.

In california Gold rush ended on 1852 it ended because there was silver in nevada.

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In the Gold Rush there was three way's to travel to California to get gold.First route was they saddled it took six month's.The second route was there was a shorter way they went to panama.The third route was they went to there wagon.

Many people died in the mines because many people were old.Another way they died is from falling from edges of cliffs.Another way people died was there wasn't enough food.



In California national park john saw somthing shiny.

Fact:1,200 indianscame for gold.


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