California Condor

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California Condor


Where my animal lives: Arizona and California, Mexico, Nevada, and Utah

California Condor

Name: Ethan DulinMs.Bias: 1st Hour

My Sources

Interesting facts

Level of Endangerment: CRE

Why I'm endangered

How we are saving them

My plan to save them:

There has been shootings and collisions with structures andgetting hit by cars. Plus ingesting trash items.

We have 2 populatoionsof California Condors1 in captive areas 1 in thewild. The captive birds are protected But animals in the wild are protected by restriced areas where no hunting is allowed

My target to maintain the Californa Condor is to try and stop shootings, stop collisions with man made structures, and trash items being ingested

I Live In North America States LikeArizona, California, Mexico, Nevada, Utah.The area i live is a rocky and shady area.

WikipediaU.S. Wildlife ServicePublic domain imageARKiveNational GeographicDefenders Wildlifeand Youtube

Has a wingspand of less than 3 meters,Their neck has an inflatable pouch,Their weight is 9 kg,Juveniles are gray,They breed at 6 to 8 years of age.



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