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Social Studies

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{Pond}Ponds are body's of standing water. This is usually snaller than a river. Humans also create ponds. Some are made for aquatic animals.

{Fens}A fen is one of the main types of wetlands. The others being grassy marshes, forested swamps and peaty bogs.

{Bogs}Bogs are mires that accumulates peat A.K.A dead plant material. Bogs occur when water on the ground surface is acidic and low in nutrients.

{Sloughs}The slough is a type of wetland that has a shallow lake system. This word is typically used to describe a wetland.

{Marshes}Marshes are a type of wetland that are often dominated by grasses, bushes or reeds. It is sometimes along the edge of a small river.

Great Blue Heron's have long feet sp they can see a further distance so that it can see any predators. It also has a big beak so it can reach down in the water to grab and eat any fish that gets caught in it's mouth.

{Great Blue Heron}

Snapping Turtle's have a huge spiky shell so that if a predator attacks it can go into it's shell and go to a defensive position. And since it has a huge spikey mouth anything that gets caugh in it's mouth might never come out.

{Snapping Turtle}

Cattails and other water plants produce food for animals such as mallards, muskrats and turtles.



Animals like the Great Blue Heron can consume lifeforms such as frogs, bullfrogs, bass and other fish.


Snails are decomposer's beacause they break dead and/or decaying organisims.


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