[2014] leylaabugosh (LoCelso Geography Pd4): Calgary

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[2014] leylaabugosh (LoCelso Geography Pd4): Calgary


This is the Coat of Arms!

fast facts-There are over 120 languages spoken in calgary!-According to forbes.com, calgary is the cleanest city in the world!-The calgary region houses over 1.3 million people!

Map Of Calgary

Watch this amazing vido on the wonderful life in calgary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDInB7od5C8

Winters are typically clear and on any given week, can be cold (lows reaching below -30°C) or mild (highs above 10°C) – and everything in between.

Pack sunglasses! Summers are warm and dry, and even in winter Calgary has more hours of sunshine than any other major city in Canada.

Some of calgarys incredible attractions include the Calaway park, the Calgary tower, many winter sports to choose from, the Winsport Olympic park, the Calgary stampede and much more


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