Caleb Strong

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Caleb Strong

Postion In Constitutional Convention

Political Positions


-Stood for strong central goverment-Responsible for having the House of Representitives origanating bills and sat on Drafting committe-Favored equal representation in Senate and proportional the House- Could not sign Constitution because he was sick

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Caleb Strong

-Lawyer for four years-Member of NorthHampton's committee of saftey-Elected to Massachusetts General court-Held the post of country attorney for New Hampshire county- Served two terms as Govenor of Massachusetts-One of the first U.S. Senators

-Born January 9,1745

-Raised in Northampton, Massachusetts

- November 7, 1819, Northampton, Massachusetts-Graduated from Harvard-Father was Lt. Caleb-Mother was named Phebe -Only child


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