Caldwell County

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Caldwell County


Caldwell CountyBY Emi Benton

Southern Caldwell County

Eastern Caldwell County

Western Caldwell County

Western Caldwell County is home to Wilson Creek, the Twin Poplar Trees, and The House of Mugs. It even has an interesting history! In 1916 two category 4 hurricanes hit and flooded the area! 13 lives were lost and lots of property was damaged.

The twin poplar trees!

the House of mugs!

Eastern Caldwell County is home to the Chapel of Rest, Patterson School, and Fort defiance! Chapel of rest was founded when Samuel L. Jackson sold his land when he wanted to protect his family cemetery!

Chapel of Rest!

Patterson School!

Agricultural Tour

Southern Caldwell is made up of Hudson,Granite Falls, and lenoir! Hudson was founded on a sawmill camp more than 100 years ago, mainly it was founded there because of the awesome woods! the trees were like the best kind of pine trees!

The agricultural tour features Bowman farm, Sims barbecue, story telling, and blacksmithing. Sims barbecue was founded in 1979! An interesting fact is that keith Sims (owner) and his sons went on a hunting trip in Texas and tried some barbecue there...and decided to try selling it here!


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