Calcoene Megalithic Observatory

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Calcoene Megalithic Observatory

Also known as Amazon Stonehedge, the site is guessed to be 500-2000 years old.This megalithic structure is the largest one found in the Amapa region.Almost immediately after excavating began, the site was recognised to have an astronomical orientation.

Calcoene Megalithic Observatory

Despite being able to depict the winter solstice, no effects were found for the summer solstice or spring and autumn equinoxes.

It is unknown which people placed these stones here. It's also unknown what tools they would've used to cut them.

Two pits were found at the site that contained vast amounts of ceramics. One held mostly shards, while the other had seven nearly intact vessels.

Located in Amapa, which is in the north-east corner of Brazil.

Most of the vessels held cremated remains. Only one of these actually had a lid, though the pit was covered by a 1.8 ton slab.

Fun fact:

Consists of 127 blocks of granite!


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