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Chemical Elements

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Element Symbol: CaAtomic Number: 20Atomic Mass: 40.078 (40)Period Number: 4Type of Element: Metal

•In humans, it takes about 2% of our wieght •Fifth most abundant element in Earth's crust•Calcium has been known since the 1st century, when the Romans were known to make lime from calcium oxide•Calcium is essential for animal and plant life

# of Protons: 20# of Neutrons:20# of Electrons: 20

Boiling Point:2,703°F (1,484°C)Melting Point:1,550°F(842°C)

Interesting Facts

Pure calcium is a reactive, fairly soft silvery-white metal. At room temperature, calcium is a solid. In the video below, it shows how calcium metals react to fire.

By: Xin Zhang

By: Xin Zhang

Calciumis located in period number 4, group 2 of the periodic table.The Family Group Name:Alkaline Earth MetalFamily Members:Beryllium(Be), Magnesium(Mg),Strontium(Sr), Barium(Ba), Radium(Ra)

Calcium comes from the Latin word calcis meaning "lime." It was discovered in 1808 by Sir Humphrey Davy in the country England.

Element Symbol: CaAtomic Number: 20Atomic Mass: 40.078 (40)

Calcium-containing materials are found in many forms in caves and passages underground

Calcium is never found naturally in nature because of the compound formations when reacting with water and oxygen. Metallic calcium was first discovered by Humphrey Davy through the mixture of lime and mercuric oxide.

Calcium is used for a lot of things. For example, it is used to remove oxygen, sulfur and carbon from certain alloys. Calcium is used in food for the growth of our body. 98% of calcium in our bodies are in our bones.

Calcium today, are found in some of the simplest items like limestone, bones, leaves and seashells. It is also found in a lot of dairy products we eat like milk, yogurt and cheese to help our bones stay strong.


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