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The image below displays the relationship between calcium and the plant during the plants' natural processes.

Calcium is a macronutrient that is essential to root development, plant functions, and is an important component within the cell walls.

CalciumBy:Beatriz Galvan

Calcium can be found in group 2, period 4 of the periodic table. The image above labels the elements atomic number, symbol, and atomic mass.

Although calcium is a nutrient plants use to make sure it functions properly, it does the same for humans. We consume sources of calcium, like plants, to provide us with the essential nutrients we must intake to stay healthy. Calcium allows for strength in both humans and plants, but the way we recieve the nutrient is what differs.

The two images to the right contain two different types of plants that have had a deficiency due to calcium. Calcium deficiency is evident by symptoms such as stunted plant growth, curling of the leaves, wilting, and at times, decaying.


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