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Fast FactsCalafate is a town located on the southern shore of Lake Argentino, in the region of Patagonia in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina, about 80 km from the glacier Perito Moreno


This is the main site!

This is what the local food looks like.

Here it is!

This is the city!!

The most important pleace in this area

The average annual temperature is 7.2 ° C, while the average in July is around 1.8 ° C and January is de18, 6th C.

Francisco Moreno

Do you want the Perito Moreno in live?

Thanks to its steady advance, dam waters Rico arm of said lake, which creates a gap from the rest of the lake up to 30 m. Under pressure of this liquid mass leaks occur in the ice that create a tunnel with a vault of more than 50 m which eventually collapses



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