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Cake Pops

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INTRO !Today i am going to tell you how to make cake pops. Cake pops are yummy cake balls with delicious hardened chocolate over on a stick. These pops are perfect for parties or any special ocation or if you just feel like a yummy treat SO LETS GET STARTED

- cake box mix (any flaivor of your choice)- water/milk (you can choose)- 2 eggs ( if you choose white cake you only use the egg white's)

- a whisk (any mixing tool you like)- an oven -a microwave - melting chocolate wafers (at local baking store)

- small bouls -a cookie tray -a foam box -lolly pop sticks (at local baking store)-sprinkles ( of your choice you dont have to use sprinkles)- icing ( of your choice)- a freezer-oven mitts-a cake tray(any size)-pam baking spray(or just butter)-measuring cup

1. First grab your cake box mix and pour the powder mixture into your big boul. 2. Next put your egg's, milk, and oil into the boul. The mesurments on the back of the box will tell you how much of each to put in your mesuring cup. Make sure to pre heat your oven to 350.3. Then once that is done mix up all of your ingredients with your whisk or mixing tool.4. Once all the batter is mixed use your pam baking spray or butter to grease your cake tray. 5.Next pour your cake mixure into your greased cake tray and put it in the oven. 6. Then you wait for your cake to finish. If you dont know how to cheak if your cake is done all you have to do is stick a fork or a knife in the middle, if cake comes of on your object its not done, and if there is no cake on your object then your cake is done.7. Once its done let it cool down. After its cooled put it in your second big boul and crush the cake until the cake is crumbled.8. After it is crumbed put your whole container of icing in the crumbled cake (you can use as much icing as u want) and mix.

9.Then once you have finished take a small amount of mix and mold it into a ball. Then place your ball on the cookie tray.10.After that take your cookie tray of cake balls and put it in the freezer for about 20-30 minoutes.11.While your cake balls are in the freezer you cam mealt your chocolate wafers. Put your wafers in a small boul and mealt them slowly in your microwave (depending on how powerful your microwave is) 12. Once your wafers are mealted and your cake balls are cooled you get out your popsicle sticks. Dip the tip into your mealted chocolate wafers and then stick them half way through the cake ball do that to all of them.13.Then put them back in your freezer for about 20-30 minoutes.14. Next make sure your wafers are still mealted and you have your foam box out with all of your sprinkles.15.Finally dip your cake balls into the meallted chocolate and pull out and let the extra chocolate drip off. Then right after you dip it in sprinkes (if u want) and then put it in the foam box to dry. Once its dried put it on a surving platter and surve yo your guest of to yourself.

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CONCLUSIONThis is the way i make cake pop's. They are very delicious its a soft moist cake thats verry taisty with a nice creamy thin layer of chocolate, and a little bit of fun with sprinkles. If you tried this recipie i hope you enjoyed it and put some yummy cake pops in your tummy for delight!


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