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caitlyn.l spider

Spider's Food

What Spiders Eat!Spiders will eat anything they can catch, they will even eat other spiders! Some spiders will eat their mate after mating. Water spiders eat insects, tadpoles, fish and other small sea creatures.

How Spiders Catch Their Prey!Spiders will wait in their lair for their prey. When it senses the prey coming, it will come out and use their fang to kill their prey. There is also another way how spiders catch their food. Some spiders go onto other spider's webs. When the other spider comes out soon he will be the spider's dinner.

How they digest their food!When the spider's prey is in its lair, the spider will inject digestive juices into it's prey. The juices will help dissolve the inteernal organs. Then the spider sucks out he mush that remains.

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