caitlin sound energy

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caitlin sound energy

The Musical Sound Energy

BibiographyPictures all from glogster file.

Sound energy is made by air vibration.Different sounds make different images.Sound energy creates singing talking and the sound from instements.

Bibliographyhttp.// http..// at home.sciencetopic/what is soundScience see learning in a whole new light

Sound energy can travel through water. Also it travels 4 times faster underwater.Sound travels1,120 feet per second in air. Sound can travel through all objects except a vacuum

As sound waves travel though matrials the moleclues make it vibrate up in patterns.The louder a sound the more energy you have.Some sound waves bounce so it creates a echo.

By Caitlin Clark 5B

In the future sound will still be here so everyone can still talk and sing.


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