Caitlin H. Pullman Strike

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Caitlin H. Pullman Strike

ARU president Eugene Victor Debs was arrested and imprisoned for disregarding the injunction.

Chicago, Illinois 1894Pullman Stike

The boycott, although centered in Chicago, crippled railroad traffic nationwide, until the federal government intervened in early July, first with a comprehensive injunction essentially forbidding all boycott activity and then by dispatching regular soldiers to Chicago and elsewhere.

The railroads alone lost an estimated $685,308 in expenses incurred during the strike.

The rioting grew and spread then, on July 7, a large fire consumed seven buildings at the World's Colombian Exposition in Jackson Park. On July 6, fires caused by some 6,000 rioters destroyed 700 railcars and caused severe damages in the South Chicago Panhandle yards.

George Mortimer Pullman, the founder of the Pullman Palace Car Company, slowly began to lower the wages of his workers until they were barely getting any money at all.

Much rioting and bloodshed ensued, but the government's actions broke the strike and the boycott soon collapsed. Debs and three other union officials were jailed for disobeying the injunction.



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