Caitlin Byerly Introduction

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Caitlin Byerly Introduction

Caitlin Byerly

Where are you From?

Science Class



Summer Fun

Favorite Subject?

My favorite subject in school would have to be Art and Literature. I loved reading in school and creating art. Both allowed one to escape if need be.

Born and raised in Poinciana, FL. and moved up to Jacksonville, NC. after I graduated from Flagler College in Saint Augustine, FL. which was about two years ago.

I would have to say that I enjoyed Chemistry and Biology. Due to budget problems we weren't allowed to disect anything but I loved learning about genetics and the formula that goes along with it. We did an assignment where we could partner up with somebody and figure out each ones genes (such as eye color, etc) and "create" a child and what their features would be. I had a blast!

EDN 336 Fall 2014

This summer I worked on a few paintings and went to Nashville, TN. with a good friend. Nashville is gorgeous and we waited in line to get into the Bluebird Cafe, we could have used a better waitress but overall the experience was great!




  • Katheriner72 7 years ago

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    Hey, Catitlin!! Great posting!! You did a great job created your blog. I can say, I know a lot about you based on your posting!! I enjoyed reading it... I have a friend that is from Kissimmee, Florida. I here her mentioning that city your are from a lot. I look forward to working with you in this class. Good luck!!